Acropolis Construction Co. was founded by John Diakoulas in Baltimore, Maryland in 1974, and became incorporated in 1975. Acropolis’ early years saw the company focusing on residential projects, but it was not long before the company’s growth demanded increasingly challenging endeavors. Acropolis was soon expanding in order to take advantage of a diverse construction services marketplace. Developments during this time allowed Acropolis to transform into three distinct commercial, residential, and institutional divisions, paving the way for the future of Acropolis.

Acropolis’ highly skilled team has been an integral part of the company’s growth and development. With a carefully selected set of business ventures, Acropolis was able to expand its horizons, integrating both vertically and horizontally in markets such as architecture, sales & manufacturing, interior design & wallcovering, and development. The knowledge and experience accrued in these areas were instrumental to the continuing evolution of Acropolis, and allowed the company to continue to take advantage of new and exciting business opportunities and further expand its client base.

In 1992, John restructured the company, taking sole ownership and guiding its continued growth into one of Maryland’s premier general contractors. Today, Acropolis’ sights are set high, with an emphasis on delivering a complete package to its clients through its design/build services. Transitioning from small residential projects to larger commercial and institutional opportunities allowed Acropolis to hone its skills and focus more on working with its clients’ conceptual ideas. As Acropolis continues to move forward, the emphasis on working with ideas from concept to completion is at the center of Acropolis’ core competencies.

The incredible synergy within the Acropolis team has been the driving force behind its success. Acropolis uses its collective knowledge and experience to provide the best quality services to former, current, and future clients. As the company continues to grow, its leadership and culture of excellence ensure that each client receives quality performance and competitive prices with the well-respected and reliable company that is Acropolis Construction.

“The bottom line is that whenever you have a choice between quality craftsmanship and expediency you always choose quality. I am grateful!”

Gerry Brewster Private Homeowner

“The customer service demonstrated by Acropolis from the President to all of the “guys” was professional, consistent, and focused on our satisfaction.”

Vincent Diaz President,
Atlantic Thread & Supply
Company, Inc.